Kid Meals Directory

Yes, we all have those finicky eaters. Thankfully, Islands of Adventure's got an amazing variety of kid meals available. The only problem is that you have to know where to get what you need. No problem! We've done the legwork for you. Here you will find a list of the various kid meal food choices -- followed by the restaurants that serve them. Beyond all this, keep in mind that the two sit-down restaurants -- Mythos and Confisco's Grill -- may be the best choices if you have particular cooked-to-order needs (like plain pasta with butter, etc.). And you can refer to our Food page for location, descriptions and a few select entire menus. Keep in mind that some of these items are on the regular menu (not part of a kid meal) and that not all of the sides are available a la carte. But, let's not keep you from the information you need. Here it is, and enjoy your Adventure!

Hamburger - Confisco's Grill, Captain America Diner(regular menu item), Wimpy's (regular menu item), Burger Digs (regular menu), Mythos

Cheeseburger - Captain America Diner (regular menu item), Green Eggs and Ham (regular menu), Wimpy's (regular menu item -- also double cheeseburger), Burger Digs (regular menu)

Hot Dogs - Dagwood's (regular menu item 1/2 pounder -- also available with chili), Wimpy's (regulare menu item -- also available with chili)

Cheese Pizza - Confisco's Grill, Circus McGurkus (regular menu), Comic Strip Cafe, Cafe 4 (by the slice of entire pie), Pizza Predattoria, Mythos

Pepperoni Pizza - Circus McGurkus (regular menu), Cafe 4 (by the slice or entire pie), Pizza Predattoria (also available - pineapple and chicken pizza)

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches - Confisco's Grill, Comic Strip Cafe, Thunder Falls

Chicken Strips - Confisco's Grill, Green Eggs and Ham (regular menu), Captain America Diner (regular menu), Wimpy's (regular menu), Burger Digs (regular menu), Mythos

Spaghetti - Circus McGurkus (with or without meatballs), Cafe 4 (regular menu has spaghetti with meatballs -- or sausage)

Macaroni and Cheese - Enchanted Oak Tavern

Lasagna - Cafe 4 (regular menu item), Comic Strip Cafe (regular menu)

Cheese Ravioli - Mythos

Meatball sub - Cafe 4 (regular menu item), Pizza Predattoria (regular menu)

Chicken - Circus McGurkus (fried chicken, on regular menu), Thunder Falls (Rotisserie Chicken -- 1/4 or 1/2 -- on regular menu)

Chicken Sandwich - Captain America Diner (regular menu item), Burger Digs (regular Menu)

Wraps - Mythos (Ham and Cheddar)

Ham and Cheese Pocket Sandwich - Green Eggs and Ham

Bologna and Cheese Sandwich - Dagwood's, Wimpy's

Green Eggs and Hamwich - Green Eggs and Ham (regular menu)

Soft Tacos - Comic Strip Cafe (regular menu item)

Sides or Lighter Fare

Salad - Circus McGurkus (garden salad, fruit and chicken or chicken caesar) Green Eggs and Ham (Garden Salad), Pizza Predattoria (Caesar salad, Caesar salad on a pizza crust too), Thunder Falls (Garden Salad, or Rotisserie Chicken Salad), Enchanted Oak Tavern (Garden Salad)

Applesauce - Confisco's Grill

Onion Rings - Captain America Diner, Burger Digs, Green Eggs and Ham

French Fries - Confisco's Grill, Captain America Diner, Wimpy's, Burger Digs, Enchanted Oak Tavern, Green Eggs and Ham

Rice - Thunder Falls

Mashed Potatoes - Mythos (cheddar mash), Circus McGurkus (regular - with gravy)

Corn on the Cob - Thunder Falls, Enchanted Oak Tavern

Fried Rice - Comic Strip Cafe

Egg Roll - Comic Strip Cafe

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