Where to Eat

You're going to get hungry. You're going to get thirsty. And, like every amusement park, Islands of Adventure will be there for the captive market. But, as you will soon find out, the theme-heavy experience that characterizes many of the park's rides is also alive and well in the many cool eateries. Please note that menus and prices are, of course, always subject to change. Also, check out our new Kid Meals Directory if you want to see where you can find a particular food item or Low-Carb Dining for net carbs and other alternatives at the park's restaurants!

Because of the wide variety of dining options at the park you will probably find that most of your dietary needs can be met somewhere inside the park. If you are a vegetarian you might also want to check out Susan Shumaker's Vegetarian Walt Disney World and Greater Orlando. And, yes, all of the full-service restaurants and most of the counter-service eateries do offer kid meals.

Port of Entry

Confisco Grill and Backwater Bar - This great table service restaurant and adjoining bar lies at the end of Port of Entry, curving off towards Seuss Landing. It is named after the Latin word for confiscate, and the decor is a hodge podge of collections. Your servers are called traders. Odds are you will be trading your tired feet for some good eats. From open-faced turkey sandwiches to steaks and pasta it is a great place to wrap up your day. I was particularly enamored with the macaroni and cheese which is no kiddie entree. It comes piping hot on an actual skillet and is accompanied with a thick ham and cheese sandwich. Appetizers in past have included coconut-battered onion rings, shrimp spring rolls and a french fry cone which comes with your choice of six dipping sauces. The kids menu comes complete with burgers, pizza and, yes, a pint-size version of the homemade mac n cheese. Kids, and grown-ups, can even draw on the table with crayons laid out over the cardboard paper cover. The place is laid out exhibition style so you can see the kitchen working. Don't miss out on the half-dozen dessert alternatives on display just as you come in. Second only to Mythos in dining class it is a great place to kick back and unwind after a full day at the park. Adult entrees range from $9 to $20.


Cinnabon - Yes, the same glazed cinnamon rolls, sticks and pecan buns that you know and love from the Cinnabon chain are available by the park's entrance.

Arctic Express - So much for that diet! Sweet tooths rejoice as here you can load up on not only funnel cakes but Belgian waffles topped with fruit or pudding. The star attraction here is Northern Lights, a funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup for (originally priced at $3.75, but now a slight bit higher).

Croissant Moon Bakery - Okay, you did the right thing and you get to the park early -- so early that you didn't even stop for breakfast. Well, quick stop and go special, stop by here on the way in for some baked goods and maybe a cup of coffee to kick you into reality. The glowing Krispy Kreme sign will also be a welcome sight to doughnut connoisseurs. Later in the day you will also be able to order soup and sandwiches here too. Some nice desserts are up on the display case for your choosing if the sweet tooth wants to play.

Seuss Landing

Green Eggs and Ham Cafe - There is only partial truth in advertising here. You won't find the signature green ham accompanied by a pair of green yolk fried eggs. However, apart from burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries (and even frings -- a combination of straight cut french fries and curly looping ones), they do have a signature namesake sandwich. Inside the two pieces of bread you will find a thick slice of regular-colored ham with green scrambled eggs. And, no, the counter staff are not all called Sam I Am. Adult entrees range from $5 to $7.

Hop on Pop Ice-Cream Shop - This is one of the best ice cream kiosks in the park. You can order a made-to-order sundae on a stick. This Walk Around Sundae ($3.65) is a hardened vanilla ice cream square hand-dipped in your choice of sauces (like chocolate or caramel) and with your choice of four toppings (like nuts or sprinkles). You can also get a standard waffle cone here as well.

Moose Juice Goose Juice - Dr. Seuss must have really had a food fetish because here is another culinary translation of his children book series. The Moose Juice is a green sour apple juice that is served fresh or frozen. Good Juice is an orange tangerine concoction. Of course other drinks along with quick snacks are served here too, but feel free to ask for a sample of Moose or Goose if you want to try something unique to the park.

Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous - Want to dine under the Big Top? Pop? Stop! In case no one can agree on where to eat, come on in for the greatest food court on Earth. Under this circus tent a variety of kid-friendly foods, including fried chicken, personal pizzas, alphabet soup, macaroni and cheese, pasta dishes, chicken fingers and small salads are served as robotic circus performers spin about above. This one also has a live feature -- the track for the never opened Sylvester McMonkey McBean runs right through the restaurant, just above the diners below. Also inside, the park opened a Dippin' Dots station where not only can you dig into the ice cream of the future -- you can also have it served as a float.

Snookers & Snookers Sweet Candy Cookers - Did anybody say fudge? Well, if a sugar rush is what you crave candy is afoot.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Three Broomsticks - The original Enchanted Oak Tavern has been transformed into a richly themed counter-service restaurant. Here is where Harry Potter fans can go to dig into British staples including Shepherd's pie (though there's an Americanized kid's menu). This is also where grownups can order the famous Butterbeer from the Potter series.

The Lost Continent

Mythos Restaurant - This was the only restaurant special enough to be listed on the original attractions passport handed out at the Preview Center. In tune with the mystical, mythical island theme, Mythos is the park's most posh eatery. Water flows through the dining room. Large windows overlook the lagoon for a panormaic view of the other islands. Meanwhile, in a nod to California-style exhibition cooking, an open show kitchen will serve up entrees ranging from pasta dishes to grilled fish and steaks. The posh state may be deceptive as, from the outside, this appears to be nothing more than a sculpted caverouns rock. Inside, the lush decor is stunning


Fire-Eater's Grill - The quick bite spot here is a counter-service eatery serving chicken sandwich gyros, wrap sandwiches, waffle fries and other hand-held foods.

The Frozen Dessert - Dessert, not desert, get it? Frozen yogurt and frozen fruit swirls with gourmet toppings may be just the ticket to cool off on a hot summer day -- or the perfect icy snack after riding the blue Ice Dragon of Dueling Coasters fame.

Oasis Coolers - Thirsty? Here's The Lost Continent's beverage spot. Mead served up in pewter goblets? No. Try a soda in a throwaway cup!

Jurassic Park

Pizza Predattoria - That's right, counter-service pizza and hot sandwiches. The small counter stand is located right across from The Burger Digs and while the seating area is shady you do have a few air-conditioned alternatives all around you.

The Burger Digs - Another fast food outlet, this one serving burgers and and chicken breast sandwiches. The lure here is that this is located on the second floor of the Discovery Center. If you are lucky you can grab a table overlooking the rotunda below that is full of exhibits.

The Watering Hole - Not just a beverage shop here as the name would imply. You can pick up some snacks like hot pretzels and nachos to go along with the tropical smoothies and more common carbonatez fizz drinkstuffs.

Thunder Falls Terrace - This is as ritzy as things get in Jurassic Park. This push-tray cafeteria offers the same chicken and ribs as Enchanted Oak but adds on items like kabobs and conch fritters. Also, while the roasted corn is there the sides are more tropical with yellow rice and black beans available. The visual bonus here is that there is an outdoor seating area which overlooks the 85-foot drop from the Jurrasic Park River Adventure. If you have kids who need eye candy to keep them planted on a chair, watching plummet after plummet should do the trick here.

Toon Lagoon

Blondie's: Home of the Dagwood - Forget Debbie Harry this is the original Blondie Bumstead of comic strip fame. This is a deli serving up stacked and veggie sandwiches, salads and side dishes. You can probably bet that the Dagwood, named after Blondie's husband, is gonna be one huge coldcut lovers dream.


Comic Strip Cafe - The other food court in the park, the first being over at Marvel's Cafe 4, here you can order a wide array of foodstuffs like fried fish and chips, shrimp, grilled soft tacos with fresh salsas, sweet and sour chicken, seafood stir-fry and fried rice. The condiment station is located inside a dog house. Arf!

Cathy's Ice Cream - Did we mention how hot it can get in Central Florida over the summertime? Another ice cream shop, this one named after the flat-haired ever-dieting comic strip favorite, Cathy.

Wimpy's - Anglophiles will probably remember Wimpy's as fast food burger chain in England. Are they still around? Anyway, if Toon Lagoon has a Popeye-based attraction it is only natural to have a counter service shop in honor of the hamburger-wolfing tiny capped Wimpy. Vegetarian families should not be scared away as they will offer garden burgers AND, get this, spinach burgers as well. And, no, you can't ask to pay them Tuesday for a hamburger you will eat today.

Marvel Super Hero Island

Captain America's Diner - Protect America, eat a burger -- or a sandwich.

Fruit - This outdoor cart sells bottled drinks, snacks and fresh fruits

Chill Ice Cream - Okay, by now you have come across your fourth ice cream stand and just to differentiate, note that Cathy's is hard scooped ice cream, Frozen Dessert is frozen yogurt and wonderful frozen swirls, while this is soft-serve ice cream. Hop on Pop seems to have a little bit of it all. Anyway, soft-serve here.

Cafe 4 - Italian push tray, here -- food court style. Not that the Fantastic Four, whom this eatery is named after, ever had a knack for pizza, pastas, salads and hoagies, but since the altered quartet do not have their own ride, this theme is for them.

Frozen Ice - Snow cones! Get it! Not hard ice cream. Not soft ice cream. Not frozen yogurt. Just shaved ice with juice toppings. But these aren't your standard flavors. Choose from three including tangerine and electric lemonade. On a hot summer day you're gonna be glad this Frozen Ice kiosk is around. There will also be a cotton candy kiosk nearby.

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