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Zaxes at Sneech Beach

I would say that maybe 5% of the park's daily population make it through Sneech Beach. That's because it's off to the side of Seuss Landing. While it's actually a shortcut to get to The Lost Continent, most guests will take the more common path that guides them through a strip of stores and refreshment areas. However, head to the park's central lake, just past Green Eggs and Ham, and you will hit Sneech Beach.

Based on the popular story of the star-bellied Sneeches and the plain-bellied Sneeches -- a story that actually was the basis for the Sylvester McMonkey McBean ride that never opened -- you will see Sneeches having a day out on the beach (or in this case, a sandy respite on the park's waterline).

Well, right by the beach, check out the two Zax characters. They are placed in their own rotunda, facing one another. Audio clips from the book are played. If you're not familiar with the Zax story, a pair of hardheaded Seuss characters come across one another. One only goes South. One only goes North. They refuse to budge, because it will mean compromising their directional agenda. The Seuss story goes on to play this out. An entire city, even a freeway, eventually is built around the Zaxes. They won't budge but progress continues and they miss out. Got that? Good. Because the next point is where that all comes together.

See, you won't see this written anywhere in the park, but the two Zax characters were the very first items placed in the park. I remember an old Sentinel showing the shiny Zax characters while construction workers in hardhats were busy starting the rest of the park. It's a neat thematic touch. They never budged. Progress happened (i.e. -- Islands of Adventure) all around them.

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