Twister: Ride it Out

Ready for a refreshingly exhilirating experience facing a simulated natural disaster? The tornado attraction begins with Twister stars Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton paying homage to the wind-spun killers. A simulated evacuation leads you to a three-level observation area where you overlook a town where, as rain begins to fall onstage, a filmed twister forms in the background and bursts through a Drive-In Theater (like in the movie). An actual tornado funnel is then fanned in the dead-center of the stage. The wind is fierce and it whips the rain into the crowd for an exhilirating, though not soaking, experience. Flying cows? Yes, the highlight of the movie is here, although here it's an intentionally faux cow with a dairy ad painted on that goes aerial. At the end, as is the case with Terminator 2 3D, your seemingly safe viewing space is mobile -- with the same quick downward jolt of a scant inch or two. The simulation exits into a themed gift shop.

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