Terminator 2: 3-D - Battle Across Time

Before Men in Black this was easily the park's most popular attraction. It made going to go see Arnold and company a priority either immediately after the park opens or by the end of the day. This show is an amazing feast for the senses and it all begins in the pre-show area where you sense a futuristic robot demonstration is about to go awry. In a clever departure from the norm where the hostess is actually a live actress, pirated transmission from Linda Hamilton's character and her son. You then move on to the theater where you strap on your 3D-goggles and enjoy a show which merges live actors, audioanimatronic robots and a great 3D action film.

This is an intense film with menacing villainous robots lining the sides of the theater. While the on-screen violence is no more graphic than your basic Morphin' Power Rangers if your children spook easily you might want to take advantage of the baby swap. Brace yourselves for a quick jolt at the end as the seats themselves drop a dramatic inch or two as fog fills the theater.

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