Shrek 4D
Welcome to Lord Farquad's Castle. Run for your lives!

New in 2003 is this ogre-ific attraction housed where the Alfred Hitchcock 3D show used to be. But that was for The Birds. Now it's Shrek that has taken over the stage in a unique 4D experience that picks up where the movie left off. What, you never saw the Academy Award winning Shrek? Well, there's still time to pick it up Shrek on DVD or on video, but you will still enjoy Shrek as the likable ogre and his donkey sidekick. Besides the plotline of the first movie is explained in the preshow area by the Gingerbread Man, the Magical Mirror, Pinocchio and the three pigs! The attraction starts where the movie left off -- as Fiona as Shrek ride off in their onion-shaped carriage to celebrate their wedded bliss at the Honeymoon Hotel. Of course, the ghost of Lord Farquad has other plans in mind and he will spare no expense to have Fiona join him as his afterlife bride! The great voice cast of the original all returned for this project, and along with the excellent 3D animation and the various in-theater effects, it's a hoot. Presented in OgreVision! In other words, you will be able to feel and even smell everything! No, there are no height requirements for this. However, it can get quite loud and the action scenes may frighten young children.

Yes, it's true. You can now enjoy the Shrek 4D ride from the comfort of your home! You can buy Shrek 3D Bundle on DVD and it includes the exact same film that plays in the Universal attraction, along with 4 3D glasses to watch along. This is a great idea if you have young children and want to see if the film will frighten them. Yes, it's louder in the park -- and the seats move with the action in the short film -- but this is a great deal to pick up the digital quality film from the ride and it also comes with the original Shrek on a second DVD.

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