Revenge of the Mummy

The new ride for 2004 at Universal Studios Florida will wrap you in suspense and intrigue of the studio's popular Mummy franchise. Part coaster. Part dark ride. All revolutionary ride experience. You enter the movie set where you are cast as an extra in a mine car chase scene for an upcoming Mummy sequel. In the sometimes humorous videos that run in the queue area you start feeling that nothing is going as planned. There's talk of the set being cursed. Star Brendan Fraser can't get the catering company to pony up a cup of Joe -- much less respect. Then the line gets deliciously creepy as you enter the tomb set. Lights flicker. A mummy tomb in the middle will react if you lay your hand on a handprint. You see a video monitor of folks walking a bridge. Press a button and they will react -- as if a burst of air just short up. The next walkway features a hologram that will also give you a good scare if you try to touch it. Then, yes, you find yourself on that very bridge -- suddenly at the mercy of those behind you in the queue. It's a beautifully themed line area which leads to a set of stairs that will take you to the boarding area.

Has the evil Imhotep really come back? What became of Reggie, a hyperactive member of the film crew? Well, it's time for your scene so you hop into your mine car. Four rows. Four seats in each row. You then realize what happened to Reggie. It's a trap! Imhotep wants your soul. You must find the Med-jai symbol to save yourself. Will you find it in time? Battling a horde of scarab beetles and Imhotep's brutal rage where even a ride unloading dock is not safe, is death only the beginning or will you see to Imhotep's end?

The 4-minute ride is intense! While the linear-inducted propulsion isn't as powerful as other launched rides like Hulk or Rock & Roller Coaster you will be pleasantly surprised at the many cool elements -- like a car that goes backwards or rotates on a turntable in a brilliant 180 degree escape from a dead end. Housed in the same building that once gave Kongfrontation life on the Roosevelt Island tramway -- meaning that while there wasn't enough room for loops or huge drops you still get a bit of enjoyable airtime -- the ride started technical rehearsals in March of 2004 and will open officially on May 21, 2004. So take a trip out to the back of Universal Studios Florida and go check out the Museum of Modern Antiquities. Just don't cry for your mummy.You must be 48 inches to ride.

Need to know everything that happens during the ride? Check out Mummy Spoilers but do so ONLY if you want every element spelled out for you to make sure that you or your children can handle the ride.

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