Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast

If your child has worn out your Jimmy Neutron DVD or your Jimmy Neutron video, has Universal got a ride for you. Join Jimmy, his robotic pet Goddard and his cowardly pal Carl as they try to track down the Mark IV spaceship stolen by the evil Yokians. Of course, the yolk's on Ooblar as Jimmy navigates through various Nickelodeon cartoon sets (watch for cameos by The Rugrats, Fairly Odd Parents and, of course, SPONGE BOB!). The ride uses most of the same technology used in the Hanna Barbera ride it replaced though you do have some water and bubble effects. The highlight? You better enjoy the chicken dance! Trust me. There is a height requirement but there are stationary seats upfront for those who are too young or not up for the ride's slight movements. (36 inch height requirement for moving seats, no requirements for the stationary seats)

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