Welcome to Amity, where tour boats now coast through the seaside town once ravaged by a great white shark. As you start the scenic ride you hear a distress call from another tour boat. Naturally you arrive to see the boat chewed out and sinking, and that is when Jaws turns its attention to your vessel. Even hiding out in a boat shack won't slow the shark down and you ultimately defeat the shark with an explosive finale. You will get at least a little wet on this ride, and Jaws is ominous. Despite the happy ending you might want to think twice before boarding a young child.

Stay onsite at Portofino Bay Hotel

Stay onsite at Hard Rock Hotel

Stay onsite at Royal Pacific Resort

By booking your stay at one of the three onsite resorts you will not only be staying a short walk or complimentary boat ride from the park -- you will also receive the Universal Express benefit to avoid long lines and get on your favorite rides like this one quickly.

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