Back to the Future - The Ride

If you don't mind a rattling trip through time then here is one you might like. With Christopher Lloyd resuming his role as Doc, the absent-minded scientist, you are once again out to catch Biff, who has stolen a time-travelling Delorean. Ultimately you will board your own. These eight seater covertibles are motion simulators which will move in sync to the action portrayed on a wide-screen projection. You will go as far back as prehistoric times and, as you can imagine, save the day and return Biff to the 20th Century.

The ride is not for the weak of stomach. It is extremely jerky, and some may even consider the encounter with a huge dinosaur (which swallows you whole at one point) a bit intense. You can always baby swap with young passengers who may not appreciate the attraction or fail to meet top the height stick. (40 inch height requirement)

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