Universal Meal Deal

Want to pig out at the park? In 2006, Universal Orlando rolled out the Universal Meal Deal. For just $18.99 (plus tax) for adults or $8.99 (yes, plus tax) for kids (ages 9 and under), you can eat all you want from select menus at some of the park's fast food restaurants.

There are a few catches, though. Don't worry, nothing that your grumbling stomach can't overcome. You are limited to just one entree, one side and one dessert every time you go through the line. Yet you can get back in line at any of the three restaurants as often as you would like, all day long until half-an-hour before the park closes.

If you're going to both Universal Orlando parks, there is a $22.99 adult plan and $10.99 kid plan that covers six eateries at both parks for the entire day.

Note: Prices and availability of this plan may change at any time, so don't budget your vacation around this. Because this is an all-day pass, the earlier you buy the wristbands the better. Drinks are not included. Water is always free of course, or you can buy a special $7 keepsake cup that you can refill for free all day long. Another point is that Islands of Adventure fast food is decent, but if you limit yourself to these choices for your entire stay you will be denying yourself the four best restaurants in the park. So do give this a go on a day where you need quanity of food, not quality. It's still good, but how can you NOT go to Mythos if you want to be blown away at high-end theme park cuisine?

You can buy the Universal Value Meal wristbands at the Dining and Information carts at Citywalk, Universal Studios, and IOA as well as the ticket booths at the front, guest services and some of the stores like Islands of Adventure Trading Company and Marvel Alterniverse Store.

Here is what you can get every time you go through the line:

Circus McGurkus

Children: Spaghetti and meatball and a counter cookie
Fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes and a counter cookie
1/2 cheese or pepperoni pizza w/ fries and a counter cookie

Adult: Cheese Pizza
Pepperoni pizza
Spaghetti and meatballs
Fried chicken platter

Captain America Diner

Children: Mini-cheeseburger w/ fries and counter cookie
Mac and cheese nuggets w/ fries and counter cookie
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich w/ fries and counter cookie

Adult: Cheeseburger
Chicken fingers
Double cheeseburger
Crispy chicken salad
Chicken sandwich
Buffalo chicken sandwich

Comic Strip Cafe

Children: mini-hotdog w/fries and a counter cookie
Mac and cheese and a counter cookie
1/2 cheese or pepperoni pizza and a counter cookie

Adult: Cheeseburger platter
Grilled chicken sandwich
Chili dog platter
Cheese pizza
Pepperoni pizza
Spaghetti and meatballs
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Caesar salad
Fried chicken and chips
Fried fish and chips
Sunday Sampler
Fish sandwich platter
Sweet and sour platter w/fried rice
Beef and broccoli w/fried rice
Dragon combo w/fried rice

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