Triceratops Encounter

Something has survived! Cera, Chris and Topper are Triceratops under veterinary care. Don't look for the other sixteen that are allegedly there. These three are plenty for this intriguing walk-through attraction.

With its thrice spiked head Triceratops were gentle yet respected creatures. Most historians cite that as small as they were they were usually the best fit to battle the T. Rex. However, there will be no war here. And these aren't small by any measure. These robotic dinos (sorry to kill the tooth fairy on you here, but they aren't real) weigh 10,000 pounds and are run through a series of tests by the Jurassic Park staff.

If you suspend belief you might actually think they are real. 24 feet long. 10 feet high. The moves are delicate but impressive. Note how they shift their weight from side to side and how the eyes dilate. The breathing looks pretty lifelike.

They sneeze. They urinate. They might even pass wind. And, if you're wondering about the names. Cera and Topper are obvious. Chris, the one in the middle, was named after one of the attraction's designers who died in a skiing accident before the park opened. (No restrictions here. However, if your child wants to pet one of the Trikes, consider that you must be 48 inches tall to pet Cera or Chris. It's the height of the fence to reach over. Yet Topper is able to stretch out a little farther so a 40-42 inch high toddler should be able to pet the dino).

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