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If I Ran The Zoo's Trick Water Fountain

If I Ran The Zoo is a kiddie playground, yet the biggest trick is on the adults. I mean, there are plenty of wickedly fun diversions inside this seemingly innocuous play area just in front of the Caro-Seuss-el. Kids will relish the water play area (and they will get soaked in that particular part, so make sure you plan accordingly if you want them to enter and splash about). But you also have other surprising rewards in the seemingly dry areas too. You just have to work to get them.

For instance, step on a pair of steppers facing a landscaped wall and nothing happens. Keep taking steps and higher and higher a Seussian bird rises before your eyes. Come across a fiberglass bathtub with three hoses aimed at it? Pump any of the three hoses and when you have filled the tub with enough water a Seuss character's head will rise above the water, then twirl around as its now soggy hair lightly sprinkles those around it.

But, yes, there is also a trick water fountain. I mean, sure, it is a working fountain. You can get dehydrated pretty easily in the park so go ahead and grab a sip of water if you can. There is a lower bowl for "little ones" and a bigger bowl for "bigger ones" but if you follow the instructions correctly it's not just those on the big bowl that will get a shot of water as a small stream of water comes hurling towards those standing just to the side of the taller water fountain.

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