The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad

If Steven Spielberg calls Islands of Adventure the eighth wonder of the world, why can't Sindbad have an eighth voyage as well? Universal Studios has always put out a pretty decent stunt show at the original studio park so why not here? This one is housed in a 1700-seat covered arena and will dazzle you with live stunts against a wet and explosive backdrop. A freshly scripted sequel to Sindbad's epic seventh voyage movie finds our hero, and his sidekick Kabob in an adventure that will entail romance, deception and ultimate redemption -- all the while dazzling you with great feats of human and technical wizardry.

And yes, it is Sindbad -- not Sinbad. You wouldn't believe how many newspapers, websites and even books have spelled this one wrong. While you may want to spend some time checking out the fountain with an attitude in front of the theater's entrance you can also get wet inside the theater. There are two splash areas. The first is in the middle of the arena -- by the well. The other is the first few rows Stage Left (to your right as you come in). No, you won't get soaked but the first two or three rows on Stage Left will definitely get you wet -- twice during the show. Yes, the areas are marked as splash zones -- look for the blue painted drops.

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