Everything That You Ever Wanted To Know About Stroller Rentals at Islands of Adventure

My kids are so cute -- even cuter on wheels -- can I rent strollers at the park?

Sure. They will run you $10 for a single stroller or $16 for a double stroller. They are good all day and they're actually quite stylish.

By double stroller do you mean that I get a 40% discount on the second stroller?

No, a double stroller is just one stroller -- only it's big enough for two kids.

Oh, like a double cheeseburger. Or like a double scoop ice cream. Yum! That reminds me. My kids plan to eat a lot while they are at Islands of Adventure. How big a kid can these strollers hold?

I've seen some pre-teen kids fit snuggly, which is pretty sad when you think about it. What has this country come to? Where is the love of exercise? Islands of Adventure is a small, flat, park. It's easy to get around in. Oh, the inhumanity! Anyway, what I meant to say is that the strollers are big, yet easy to maneuver. They are designed for toddlers but they appear to be sturdy and wide enough for a larger child.

This all seems so unfair, though. It's like a cruel kiddie tax. Why can't I just bring my own stroller to the park?

Of course you can roll your own! Even the parking garage has loads of moving sidewalks and elevators so bringing your own stroller (or wheelchair) is more than acceptable.

Excellent! I'll bring one then. And I'll make sure that Junior wears his pads and helmet so he doesn't fall off his scooter. Can he bring a motorized scooter into the park or just the manual ones?

No, no, no! No scooters. We were just talking about strollers here. You can't even bring a wagon into the park. Bring a stroller or rent one. That's it. No roller skates. No skateboards. No bikes. This is a theme park not a recreational park.

So, tell me, isn't my kid the cutest thing ever?

A spitting image of its parent, I'd say. Questionable to the end.

Got kids? Staying onsite at one of the three resorts on the property is a great move as you get front-of-the-line access and you can always go back for an afternoon nap. So you might want to consider pulling up a discounted online rate for the romantic Portofino Bay, the hip Hard Rock Hotel or the majestic Royal Pacific Resort.

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