Islands of Adventure - Unofficial Family Guide

Port of Entry - Streetmosphere

As you enter the park you may be too excited to notice the Port of Entry surroundings. As you leave the park you may be too tired. Next time. Notice. Take in the occasional costumed characters that will interact with park guests. Look around. Every building is unique. Read the signs on the wall.

Hush. What's that? Do you hear something? Conversations that seem to be coming from the other side of the wall if not upstairs? Yes, the themed touches go that far. While you will also come across some choice themed dialog if you hang around The Frozen Desert ice cream area in The Lost Continent (yes, buy a camel) it is everywhere to be found at Port of Entry. Take it in. Grab a funnel cake and take it in if you must, but do take it in.

Streetmosphere? You know, street atmosphere! Port of Entry's got it. Catch it!

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