Storm Force

Along with The Flying Unicorn, Storm Force Accelatron became the first addition to the park in 2000 as the X-Men moved into Marvel Super Hero Island. The evil Magneto battles Storm in a spinning ride for the whole family. The premise of the kid-friendly attraction is simple. You hop into yellow or purple pods, then pick up speed in a war of the elements that culminates in a thunderstorm of sight and sound.

Think Disney's teacups, with an edgier soundtrack. It's a covered attraction so the Florida sun will forgive you -- but will Magneto? 

TIP -- The line here is never too long, so feel free to hit this one during the afternoon peak when all of the other rides appear too crowded or when you have some time to kill before a Universal Express pass to kick in. If the park is open late, try this one at night. It has some snazzy lighting effects that aren't visible during the day.

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