Triceratops Encounter - REVIEWS (Attraction Now Closed)

When I first heard about thie attraction, I thought what a great concept and I was interested in seeing how they were going to accompish this idea. Well, walking through the cue was a great way to build anticipation. When I did finally make it into the barn, I have to admit that I was shocked to see this huge animatronic figure. We were in the barn for about 30 seconds and the animal had just begun to make like a groaning noise when in mid groan, the sound stopped and the figure stopped moving. The animal keeper that was with it said that it must be having some reaction to the medicine. I thought to myself "yeah, it needs its pistons adjusted." So they moved us out the way we came in. This event happened 3 other times in 2 different barns. LAME!
They need to get this attraction working right and their "stars" to not be so tempramental so that this encounter is worth the wait.
Thumbs down on the encounter!

Islands of Adventure isn't just a thrill park. They are trying to balance Thrill rides with family rides and children rides. Now, I have many little cousins, and I know from standing in line for Disney's Dinosaur that Kids LOVE dinosaurs, absolutely adore them. This ride is not for teenagers or adults, it is for Kids. My brother was absolute ecstatic when he got to touch what he thought was a real triceratops. But I do agree, it isn't worth a long line. It's basically like waiting in line to see Mickey Mouse at disney world, only he doesn't sign autographs. I've been reading these posts, and some of you really need to grow up, or learn how to type atleast.

Emerald Raptor
Well I've been on the ride four different times and it's never broken down on me. I think that they accomplished what they set out to do, show people a "very" realistic dinosaur animatronic up close. This is the most realistic looking, sounding, and acting animatronic I have ever encountered. Sure some of the attendants can be idiots, but they're really only trying to keep the elusion of it being real for the younger kids.
If you want to do something other than ride rollercoasters, come here. This is a good relaxing "awe" attraction, when I first saw the Trike, my mouth hung open for about 5 minutes... and I've been to Stan Winston Studios.

well the ride, i understand it was for little kids, but still...
i guess the dino did look KIND of real, but i waited a reasonable amount of time not really expecting much, and it was just that, not much. i mean, they lead you into that room and the dino farts and its supposed to be funny. there were little kids in there and they didn't laugh. then they explain about the dinos and thats it. they really gotta hire some better actors and actress, at the end of the ride my friend and i went up to one of the actresses talking to her like a normal person and said "is this about how big the triceratops really were?" (being about 12 we didn't know any better) and she goes "well sarah's not full grown yet..." i mean it was a question and we were wondering what the answer was and its not like we were little kids and expected the dino to be real...
also the only reason i saw this attraction was 'cause my mom forced us on it saying "oh c'mon! it'll be just like alien encounter!! it's gonna be scary! it'll jump out at you!"

You people need to have a little imagination. If people weren't expecting this to be a ride and would actually listen to what we, the employees, are saying about it beforehand, you'd probably think it's pretty neat.
When I first saw it, I admit, I thought it was dumb. But hang out a bit and watch the kids and the dino and it's really rather cool. Everyone's too spoiled these days to realize that the dinosaurs there are some of the most advanced animatronics anywhere. Unfortunately, they didn't make it run or stand up on its back legs (they could've) becuase it was a safety hazard. But if you look closely, notice how it breaths, and the intricate detail.
Oh, and give us a break. We're not allowed to say it's not real, and we're sorry to rain on your parade. We try to answer your questions without answering them. When you ask how big it is, and we tell you that Cera isn't full grown (this sounds an awful lot like one of my answers, maybe you saw me) we're trying to imply that "yes, this was the size of the dino, but let me tell you that she gets much bigger". Just chill...some people actually love not having to be flipped upside down to enjoy something.

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