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This ride is the teacups. Ok, there's no huge mouse-infested teapot. Ok, it has flashing lights. But it's the teacups.
'Nuff said.

This Is Just like the tea cups at disney, but the Storm Force Excell Is Faster, Wilder, and has strobe lights flashing all around you! You chouse between purple or yellow, I personaly think that the purple spins more, but the yellow is faster...
So choose your fate...

I personally thought the ride was pretty bad to, but it's a good cool-off ride, like when we first got in the park, it was so hot, so we rode the major rides in MSI then, since we weren't used to the heat rode SFA with no wait to cool down, but don't ride it if it has even a remotely long line, it's just as it looks, boring
yeah I know it was just a little family attraction... and we wouldn't expect much at all, if IOA wasn't such a beautiful theme park where every ride, has some great story behind it, and has great theming, but it is... plus did you read what the attraction was supposed to be before it opened... I was just expecting more, and I still liked it just didn't love it

CoasterMan 2002
I agree with you what they do need is it to be in a dark room so you can actually see the strobe light.But then they would have to make sure they don't have them flash to often or you would get sick to your stomach.I have a strobe light and just spinning around a little can make me dizzy with it on.Imagine more than one, spinning around really fast. So they would have to make sure that it only flashes every couple seconds.Also if they painted the cars more and made them look more high teach it would add to the theam.As well it would be cool if they added a fog machine, some black lights,and a lazar light it would make it so much better.It would also take away some of the Disney characteristics of the ride.If you think a fog machine,some black lights, and lazar light would cost allot it does not.You can get all of these for a couple of hundred.Also the rest of the renovations would not cost that much eather.And don't tell me a park that spent 400 million on a single ride cant afford a couple of 1,000 dollars to fix up a ride.

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