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This may be the ultimate ride. It's as if Universal took everything about the Studios park that was good, and condensed it into this. 3-D images better than "T2-3D", motion simulation beyond "Back to the Future" and special effects that match up to "Earthquake" and "Twister" are all included to make this a complete experience. Only after the 4th or 5th time I rode this did I actually start looking at how the effects were done, and was quite surprised at how well the ride was designed. This is one of my shortest reviews on this site, and with good reason. I simply am unable to praise the quality of this ride enough. If you do not go on this ride, you will miss one of the greatest, if not the greatest, theme-park experiences around.

WHOA! Could any ride beat SPIDERMAN? Highy doubtful! This is a heart pounding, mind-bending, adventure through the veins of Spiderman comics comes to what is one of the most awesome amusement park attractions today! Hey! I most definitely promise you that you will scream on this ride, old or young, big or small!!! Guarantee that you will be both amazed and shaken on this high tech ride! You're on the edge of your seat start to finish, it just never lets up! If you find a ride anywhere that is better then SPIDERMAN please notify me so i can tell you that you are full of crap!!! Nothing compares.... nothing!

Woo Hoo!!! This ride was great. The special affects are fabulous and so realistic. It really tricks your mind, especially the part with the flame thrower. It felt so real. We went on it a couple of times because we laughed so hard the first time, we thought we might have missed something.

While this wasn't a terribly scary or even very intense ride, it's a technical marvel. The only place I've seen that even comes close to using 3-D technology so effectively is the Honey I Shrunk The Audience show at Epcot. I don't want to describe what happens too much, since the surprises are half the fun. If you're going to IoA, make this your first stop--it's not to be missed.

I'd like to give a hint to everyone. Fastpass is ok, but this is better. Want to get on the ride right away. Go into the singles line. It's basically a line in which they take a person from that line and put them in an extra space in the car. For example, Spider Man holds 12 people per car. Let's say there are only 11 people in the car. They would take a person from the singles line and put them in that car to fill it up. Not only does this line exist for Spider Man, but almost every ride at IOA and Universal Studios ( ) It's a great way to get on right away although you might be separated from your group. The line usually cuts around a secret way, instead of the normal queue.
*Note*: The single rider line isn't open all day for some of the rides.

I hate motion simulation rides. Star Wars at MGM, Body Wars at Epcot, Back to the Future, they all @#%$. The motion simulation never matches with the movie and you end up feeling sick. My friends made me go on Spiderman because it was the only thing we hadn't been on. I'm lucky they did. This ride is perfect. You actually move throughout the building and experience motion simulation. No nausea, no boredom. I'm very surprised that a simulator can be so good. Hulk is still my favorite in the park, but this ride is a must.

I got passes to IOA JUST for this ride. That is how good it is. It's worth the wait, but go in the single riders line anyways, the line was 2 and a half hours the other day and it was only 15 minutes in the single riders line, I didn't get to sit with my party but it's better than waiting for two and a half hours. But if you ca't go in the single riders line-dont worry because the line is fun and entertaining too. Every time I go on Spider-Man the ride passengers always clap and cheer, it is truly amazing, this ride, better then the rest of the park combined, in my opinion, even though I also love the Hulk. The point of this is-go on it!

Re: How does it work?
The car cabins are mounted on a base with 6 piston type devices called DOFS that raise the car up and control its up and down and side to side motion. There is another device which controls the spinning motion .The drop at the end is simulated with Imax screens, fans and very good motion simulation. You don't actually fall at all. The cars run continuously during operating hours. There are heat effects and wind effects as well as water effects throughout the ride. I don't want to give away any more of the secrets, but just take it from a Daily Bugle employee...don't miss this one of a kind ride!

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