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Can we say: AWESOME in unison? Ok, I am about the BIGGEST amusement park freak around so needless to say I was so excited to go to IOA. When we got there we rode all the large awesome highly acclaimed rides. But then, we ran out of things to ride except: Dudley-Do-Right's Buzzsaw Falls. I was kinda anxious to go on it but it didn't look like that large of a thrill. Needless to say though once you get inside when you are waiting in line and you're standing above the loading platform watching a huge movie screen play old Dudley cartoons, it's pretty cool. Especially since you could see the beginning of the ride and it's all foggy and you can hear people screaming and stuff. So me and like 5 of my friends that I came on the trip with (Keep in mind this was a Campus Life trip and we are all totally nuts and really hyper at this point in time.) I swear on my life I have never ever laughed THAT HARD. I mean the drops aren't ever drops! It's like miniature roller coasters drops! And when you're in that dark tunnel and that bright headlight thingy comes on and there's a loud noise and you think your going to get hit by a train and then you suddenly drop into oblivion!? And believe me... the final drop? PERFECT! Not a single thing I didn't like about this ride! I shun all you who skip it! DUDLEY-DO-RIGHT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This ride wins the Fun Award, hands down. It's not as intense as the coasters, as scary as FearFall, or as high as Jurassic Park. But it's just good, clean fun. The ride goes through a Dudley Do-Right adventure. Snidely Whiplash has once again kidnapped Nell, and it's up to Dudley to rescue her. Offering multiple drops, and a few surprises, this ride has no dull moments. The views of the park and the scenes on the ride fill the time between drops nicely, and even the drops have a few neat quirks. This ride is truly tons of fun, and I scold anyone that skips it!

Estefan Reporter
Under no circumstances should you ride this in the middle of the day when everyone else is there. It is unreal how many times you can curve and twist in a line and get absolutely NOWHERE! Ok, so the wait is long. The hallway is musky and hot. There are some "talking heads" on the wall telling jokes that are just plain irritating. But the ride.... it's GREAT! The seats are intended for 2 people. but if you can get away with riding solo I suggest it. Where to avoid getting... um.. SOAKED.... well, you're out of luck.This ride is sure to get your bottom wet!

This ride is so cool. My first time riding it I was very nervous. When you go into a black tunnel and it looks like you are going to hit a train -- that's awesome! When you get to the top you can look out at the whole park. Kinda like having a bird's eye view. But don't think you can sit there and look at it. Once you're at the top you're on your way down. If you open your eyes while you are going down all you see is the top of a building. A thriller you must ride!!! **hint** go on this ride later in the day!!!

Ripsaw Falls and Splash Mountain are the two best water flume rides, and they both have their similarities. Ripsaw Falls offers more drops besides the big one, and moves faster than Splash Mountain. On the biggest drop, it looks like you are going to hit the house above you, but you avoid it and splash below. I remember going in November, and it was basically a walk on to ride it. Even if you have to wait a while, it's worth it.

HOLY MONKEY! This ride is one of the many awesome rides at Islands of Adventure. If you skip this one, you just blew your whole day there. Do it early though so you can give yourself some time to dry.

When I rode it in the summer of '99, on the final drop... I began to raise my hands up. I swear, I felt like I was lifting out of the log. I've never been so freaked in my life, so I grabbed the handles as quickly as I could, and I could still feel myself lifting up. Some people told me it's because of the angle, but I'm not sure! So, I'll never raise my hands up on it again! LOL! Other than that, it was an awesome ride.

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