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This ride was ok. The waits are really long because of the boarding. It's only a two-seater... and you must have a child with you, or someone who is short. So it sort of stinks if you aren't short or if you don't have any little kids with you. It's a nice ride though. It takes you through the island of Jurassic Park but it's sorta short.

This was a great ride! I understand that the lines are long, but i had express and so i got in in 2 seconds. My mom, dad, sister and i all loved it! You have to do this ride first. You can see the whole park from up here! It's great. Just don't wear loose clogs, cuz they'll fall off and hit someone below on the head!

This ride was pretty bad. For the 45 minute to an hour wait its so not worth it. First of all the line as I said is long all day! The flyer vehicle can fit two and if you have a kid afraid of heights I don't suggest this ride for them. You also can't hold someone that wants to sit next to you. You are seated behind someone and for the 75-second ride it's not a thriller. If there's no wait why not?

I didn't even go on the ride! I waited for 45 minutes only to see that you can't even ride it if your above a certain height. It looks fun but in my opinion it is just a waste of time.

I work at Pteranodon Flyers and I was reading this, Just to set things straight for you people out there...Yes the ride is for little kids, You get to ride everything else in the park...the kids don't, let them have one ride. Yes the wait is long, there are only 3 birds and 2 people on each one. No there is no express, there is not enough capacity for an extra line. If you want to ride an 80 second child's ride, come first thing in the morning. The first half hour we let everyone on, and there's no line usually. By the way, the reason you see adults riding together is because they have a child in their GROUP. If you have one child in your entire group, everyone can ride!

Pteranadon Flyers is a great ride. It's not fast or mind racing, but it's a great ride if you want to fly! It really does feel like you are flying, and you get a good view of the park on it too. There aren't many of these rides around, so go on this one while you can. Along with the river rapids, this ride is a family favorite.

This ride rocks. This is a good experience of an inverted rollercoaster if a little kid can't ride Dueling Dragons. Hit this after the Hulk or Dueling Dragons. You can also see a lot of the park.

I thought this ride was really dull i had to wait in the line for 1 hour and it was not worth it and the ride only lasted for 45 seconds if there is no line then u might want to go on it but if the line is long dont even try it!

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