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As the sign says, "You will be soaked!" My first trip, I rode Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls while it was raining, and thought, "I couldn't possibly get any wetter than this." Boy, was I wrong. Upon exiting the ride, I was able to pour water out of my shoes, a la any 1950's sitcom.
The ride's line changes almost by the second, from 10 minutes to an hour. Just take a chance and check it out.
The vehicles for this ride are the same basic circular rafts with seats as made popular by Busch Gardens. The ride takes you through a Popeye adventure, as our hero tries to rescue Olive Oyl from the nefarious Bluto. Well crafted models in the style of the Popeye cartoons are very good looking, and are like seeing a 3-D comic strip.
The main fun in this ride is wondering who'll be soaked next. Waterfalls, water cannons, and even water guns operated by park guests are prepared to drench you.
This is a ride that must be ridden a few times if you can talk your operator into letting you stay on the boat. Otherwise, just cut through the "Child Swap" area and wait an extra 30 seconds!

I got so soaked on this ride that people were laughing when I walked out looking like a drenched gutter rat. I loved it though. It was a lot of fun and very thrilling. I went in December of 2001 on a Saturday and there was no line for ANY of the rides! The longest line was less than ten minutes (for the Hulk) and that was just for the front seat. Other than that, no lines, no waiting, just hop on! The Popeye rafts were very fun and I went twice (since I was already drenched from the first round.)

This was one of my fav rides in the whole park! I wore my bathing suit along with my sister, but my parents and grandma were wearing their clothes and got drenched! This ride not only has great splashes, rapids, and theme, but each time it picks on random people! One time, it kept on getting my dad soaked, while the rest of us were mildly dry! You should wear a bathing suit on this ride, but if you don't have one, they sell ponchos right outside the ride. You can't miss this ride. We went on it four times in a row! They didn't even make us get off!

batchelor boy
I loved this ride!! River Rapids Rides are very commonplace in parks now and it takes a lot to make one different. This one is different! It's the first one I've seen that themed a hill lift and boy you will get drenched. It's funny, it's fast and its a damn good ride so long as you really don't mind wringing your clothes out afterwards.

When I entered the line for this I was glad to go to Florida in October because I walked about a mile's worth of ropes and lines I can't imagine how it is in the busy season. Oh my! I waited only about 3 minutes to get on this ride! I thought it was cute and they have a very convenient pocket in the middle. They tell ya not to take your shoes off but do it any ways because your feet will get soooo wet! It is a cute and fun ride but good luck trying to follow what was going on with the story of the ride because you are getting so bounced around! But fun ride!

I went on this ride three times. If you're not looking to get drenched, don't go on this ride. We went on the first two times during the day, and then one time at night. Well, of course the night time is a cooler temperature, and the water is cold to start with.....and it had to be the time that I got soaked! I was a lil cold, but it was worth it.

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