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Although I am a tremendous fan of theme parks, I had never in my life been on a coaster until this June, when three of my friends dragged me on. Suffice to say, it was baptism by fire. In the few months that have passed, I have become a coaster maniac, riding dozens of coasters, and I recently took my 12th trip on the Hulk.
The feature that separates the Hulk from most of its contemporaries is the obligatory climb. The climb takes place within the "gamma tube," which is basically a tunnel with flashing lights inside. A recorded message plays warning of a malfunction, and instead of the usual slow climb and drop, LEMagnets accelerate the ride from 0-40mph in under two seconds, send it into a 0g roll and one of the most intense openings of any ride I've been on. The ride after the initial zoom is not as exciting or stunning, but is still lots of fun, and holds its own against the rest of the roller coaster world.
I recommend you make this your first stop on your trip.

Batchelor Boy
I just got back to the UK today after two amaaaazing weeks in Florida. I just wanted to add my comment about this Mean Green Machine. Hulk is cool, personally I thought that after the initial batwing and loop that it kind of petered out into an 'ordninary' coaster but the first 30 seconds is more than enough to win over coaster fans.

The Incredicle Hulk has got to be one of the most exciting steel coasters in the U.S. Not only is it fast and exhilarating, but the surprising speed burst on the chainlift is the highlight of the ride. Since you're already going like 60 mph, you have ample speed to make the vertical loops and other exciting elements. There is a cool rush of mist on the Hulk. You are going down, and you skim the water, and a rush of mist cools you off since you're sweating a lot now! The Hulk is worth your time, and I suggest doing it at the end of the day when the crowds start dispersing and it's getting dark. *The tunnel chainlift is all lit up and the drops take you by surprise! I give this ride 5 smileys.

You go on this ride once and you won't forget on elittle detail. After an hour that you have gone on the ride you will still feel like your going upside down. But the one part that i never will forget is how it starts. Take you and your kids on that ride and you will keep wanting to go on it. Me and my sister got off the ride and went on again 7 times in a row cause was no line. It was the best ride i had ever been on. You know how the indeted words said everything looks good.
I think I think this time it's going to work. No No Nooooooooooooooooooo. On the long no is when the launch happens. If you are at a boring office meeting or at school you won't forget the ride. Just replay the ride in your head and close your eyes and it will feel like your still there. It won't be as good but it will be entertaining. unlike your teacher or boss.

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