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The Flying Unicorn is my favorite ride in the hole park! Some people think that it is a wimpy kiddy ride, but it realy ends up giving you a run for your money!
If you want a calmer, slower ride sit in the front, but if its a thril your after, make shure to sit in the back! Your garented to love this ride!

Hey I work at the Flying Unicorn, and I have heard every single one of your complaints at least a million times. While you may think it's kiddie, or lame, I must remind you it is a KIDS RIDE. I cant usually be that rude to people who are in the park and say it sucks, but now I can say if you think its too kiddie, thats really your fault for going on a 43 ft high, 28 mile per hour roller coaster, isnt it? P.S. It's not the most fun place to work either, so give us a break.
oh and Greg? That metal thing is for crossing wheelchairs...and at no point does ANYONE say fly unicorn fly...sorry

This ride is hilarious! My and like 10 of my friends and i went on it and totally cracked up! Of course though, we waited till like 9 o'clock at night when there was NO LINE at all and we got straight on the train! And when we got on and it was still in the station we started screamming real loud and freaked out all the little kids on the train! Which just made it twice as funny! Not only that but ok, you have TO RIDE THIS ONE AT NIGHT!!!! seriously, the best veiw of the park I saw ever. With the Hulk and the lighthouse tower and all the other rides lit up, it was definatly a sight to behold. But you better look quick before you take that GIGANTIC (sarcasm) DROP!!! lol! anywayz, i wouldnt recommend waiting for this ride but if oyur bored with a large sense of humor... i say totally go for it! Lataz!

This ride is great for a little kid and for someone who needs something gentler. I personally thought it was really baby-ish. My favorite part though was at the end when they said, "Exit Merrily!" and my friend and I skipped out the exit and made that our joke for the rest of the day.

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