Dueling Dragons Ride - REVIEWS

Each of the dragons alone would still be great rides. But with the Fire and Ice coasters twisting around each other for over two minutes, this ride becomes something special.
The best advice I can give for this ride is to tough out the wait for the front car. Being a hanging coaster, only the front car maintains a clear view for the duration of the ride. A major part of this ride is the view of the other coaster as it twists around underneath and around you, and even comes at you straight on in the ride's most memorable moment. Both Fire and Ice are unique, and even after riding them both several times, I can't pick a winner. Fire is certainly more intense, but Ice offers very clear views, and several near collisions with Fire and the castle wall will stop your heart.
I also think the line for the ride deserves notice. I haven't yet been in a line that used the full length of the que, but the long walk down twisting corridors lined with bones and knights frozen overhead on their horses, or their armor melted into the walls is quite a sight. This ride gets four thumbs up.

Batchelor Boy
One piece of advice; wait for the front lines!! With these rides you can only really see the near misses when you are sitting at the front.
Fire or Ice then? Well it all depends on what you prefer. They are very different rides, Ice has more inversions whereas Fire is faster and packs one hell of a punch with it's g-force helix turns. I personally prefer Fire though Ice does one hell of a cool (excuse the pun) wall climb with a batwing turn against the castle wall. In my view this ride gives Montu at Busch Gardens a run for it's money.
Enjoy - you will, I guarantee it!!

coaster midget
The dueling dragons are a very unique pair of roller coasters designed by bolliger and mabillard. Even tho both of the rides are amazing i have to say that Ice is my favorite because it has more inversions even though fire is faster. For those of you who aren't big coaster fans and are not ready for big thrill rides or you just need to i guess warm up go to Dr. Doom's Fear fall. Take my advice this ride looks horrifiying but after the launch it's quite gentle especially if u get the view of the park. This ride is a great adrenaline and confidence booster. These majestic monsters have set out to reveloutionize the way we ride coasters and i'm on that side of the coaster world this ride is a must in my book and number one on my list so ride it if u don't like it sue me. demonic dragons? Merlin what u been smokin? haha . (there's only one bad thing about the monsters, the line is way too long but in the end it's all worth it

This ride was awesome, Fire is definately better than Ice, Ice had much more inversions that fire but fire launches up and down through a lot of drops and loops. The best part was probably when you see Ice do an inversion right under you while you're riding fire. The best part i thought in Ice was when we almost hit the castle. The theme is that Ice destroys the castle while fire flies around the village, which you cant see anyway. Overall Fire was better, but Ice was decent enought to ride on again. For those worried about the loops and getting to close, dont worry, it's only for a second and you cant really tell, unless you're up front.

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