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This ride is tiiight!!! The queue area is great with Dr. Doom's evil Doom Bots lurking around each corner, and all of his sinical creations. In the final room before the loading hall there lies a giant projection screen with a video of the Dr's cruel intentions, to suck the fear out of everybody by putting us on his newest creation, the Fearfall tower. With this fear he can finally defeat the Fantastic Four! Then you go into a green hall where an attendant assigns you a door to stand by, 1, 2, 3, or 4. You make your way through the doors as they slide open and climb into one of four chairs. After everyone's restraints are locked in place Doom's face appears on the door and he tells you, prepare to be terrorized! Next you slowly ascend up about three feet and drop down, then right out of nowhere you shoot straight up 200 feet high from 0-45 in less than two seconds. You then drop down about halfway and slowly make your way up and down til you reach the bottom. It's a great ride!

This ride is scary. Seriously. No kidding. I've managed to ride it three times, which is not much compared to the Hulk or Dragons for me. The most memorable thing about this ride (aside from gibbering incoherently for 15 minutes afterwards) is the projection screen before the ride. A series of animated movies play, preparing you for the experience. Ranging from typical comic-book dialogue and art to almost brilliant parody, these kept me and my friends entertained on the lengthy wait. A propaganda film begins with a single frame of Dr Doom waving from a balcony spliced in, and the opening line, "Latveria, land of beauty" accompanied with footage of a bird singing on a branch.
The wait-to-ride ratio is a bit off. The entire ride lasts only a little over a minute, and I've waited up to 45 minutes to ride. But it IS a pretty darn intense minute. All I can add to the previous post is that you should not ride this if you are afraid of heights. When you find yourself looking down on the Hulk's 110 foot cobra-roll loop and the 95 foot tall Jurassic Park River Adventure building, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially with 15 G's of force and 0-45 in two seconds working at you.
If you see this ride at 20 minutes' wait or less, I'd say go for it.

batchelor boy
The best bit of it is the lead up which cleverly builds up tension. The waiting is DEFFINATELY more tense than the ride. If you like the now common place acceleration drop ride then you'll love this, it has a bit of a kick so be prepared. Theme Park veterans may say this is nothing new however. If you've ridden the Scream Machine at Knottsberry Farm, nothing seems the same again.

This ride was a lot better than okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Every time you go on this ride you don't know when it is going to take off. It just happens. When it does you scream and people in Jurassic Park look to hear who is screaming. On the first launch you go up and your feet and your stomach are up by your head when you reverse to go down really fast. Dr. Doom is right. It not only can cure your fear of freefalling but suck your fear out for anything. I went on this ride scared to even jump of a swing if it's 5 feet in the air. I came off a daredevil. When i got home i jumped off my 2 story house to see if it would be like the ride. This ride is just the cure for any of those people scared of hieghts. It might over due the cure to like how it did to me.

BOBNRalph 4eva
Me being really excited just ran to the ride without seeing what was happening to the other people. We went through the back, w/ a vip pass, so we didn't see the inside. When we started rising slowly i figured we would go up slow than come down fast. then when we lowered I thought something went wrong. Then we launched! I was scared straight and then I loved the feel of 0gs that Dr. Evil is very evil

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