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From the park's entrance THIS becomes the visual icon. Standing dead center, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center with Spanish architectured stylings and thatched top is a replica to the movie version.
Don't ask "What movie?"
Inside is one of the few often passed over gems of the park. From the park path it might appear to be nothing more than a hamburger restaurant and a gift shop. But, downstairs, it's a museum-worthy showcase of dino exhibits. From a humorous interactive game show to tinkering with your DNA and that of a dino (a cool effect which morphs your head shot with that of a selected dinosaur) to the regular baby raptor egg hatchings -- there is plenty to do here.
When to see? No question. If it rains, this is a good place to kill some time. It's also a good place to escape the heat when the lines are long elsewhere. From the Be-a-Saurus area where you can see things form the perspective of a dino to mining a wall for fossils, it's hands-on fun. A soft, slow diversion when you need that change of pace.

The discovery center is ok. The only thing I suggest you to do there is play "You Bet Jurassic", an interactive game show with True of False questions, lightning round questions and a, b, c, d, questions. It's pretty cool (no prizes for winning).

this place was awsome there were so many things to do from creating a dinosaur w/ your own dna to making a dino inside its egg and watching it hatch. This is one place you gotta go if its raining or, just go its great!!!

This is such a cool place! It's so cool!

This place was fun but I think u shouldn't go here unless u have spare time. Because it wastes lots of time especially the fact that they have long lines for other attractions. But it was really good.

It's ok but it takes so long for that dino 2 hatch.

I didn't spend much time here but it seemed pretty interesting. There was plenty to do. It's something good if you want to get out of the heat!

Everytime me and my friends go to IOA we spend the whole day there. By about 3:00 were tired so we come to the discovery center and sleep next to the fake dinosaurs. The last time I was sleeping in there i woke up to find a bunch of French people standing over me taking pictures. Other then sleeping it's kind of a waste of time.

I felt like if I was in a scene of the movie jurassic park. If you love the movie and scientist stuff you'll love the discovery center!!! It has educational games and activities great for picture taking learning having fun and especially for the little ones. I'll admit it. I'm a nerd when it comes to the things jurassic park discovery center has!! I look like a kid in a toy store lol!

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