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It seems like every time I go on this ride, something else has stopped working. The first time, Thing 2 was stopped in mid-run. The second, the water of the sink was stopped in mid-flow. The last time, the Cat was dead at the wheel of the Moss-Covered-Three-Handled-Family-Gradunza. But otherwise all the mechanics worked well. The ride spins and jerks violently, but not quite hard enough to cause whiplash. The ride IS for children, make no mistake, but if you're an adult at the park, there's no reason to skip it if you have time to ride. It's simply a fun little ride. As a word of warning, one of my trips to the park, a friend of mine braved all the coasters and drops as though he were a passenger on a bus. But after Cat in the Hat, it took him over a hour to recover from the nausea it induced in him. He never actually threw up, but did have to sit on a bench for the remainder of the night.

We went on this 6 times a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that the front row is much tamer than the back row. If you're prone to dizziness / whiplash, sit in the front row.
Otherwise this ride is AWESOME. Also, if you have Express Pass, try to go once early in the day without it, so that you can walk through the line area for the story/illustrations.

I loved this ride! I went on it a week ago, and I plan on going back for more this summer. You get to sit on a colorful sofa, as you coast along slowly through the house where the cat in the hat visited. You see the bored children, and then the mess that gets made by thing one and thing two. Surprising are the spins that you are in, when the sofa spins around in certain parts! But I loved every part!

Okay, people, come on! This ride is one of the greatest contraptions ever made. When you feel like a kid again, it makes you forget all of the bad things in life, and lets you focus on 1 1/2 to 2 minutes of sheer giddy. Now, someone is complaining about "Severe whiplash"?!?!?!? Come on! The ride managers posted several signs saying that the ride would spin and that it could cause injury. Hello!?!?!? Has there ever been a ride invented that couldn't have caused some kind of injury??? Get a grip, people! I was a sick teenager when I went to the park, and I knew I could find satisfaction on the Cat in the Hat ride. Don't let these people freak you out with accusations. Any ride could make you feel bad, if you let it. This is an adorable ride for any age, and happiness should never be compromised by what happened to ONE other person out of 6 or 7 billion.

I thought it was great fun, the spinning was well, not as bad as your all putting it, but I'm 11 and it is not a kiddy ride, my parents get bored of it though as we go every year and must go on it so I go on with my Bro, but we only go on it once. Its nice to read the bits of poem popping up at the entrance so if it is a big wait you have something to do but there is rarely a big queue, only in high peak seasons the color and characters are jus so nice and sweet and i watch kids younger then me and they are just entranced by them.

Alrighty,this ride freakin rules! Cat in the Hat is the cutest ride ever in existence! ME and my friends waited for like 30 minutes for this ride and we finally got to be next in line and it broke down! I wanted to cry cuz i really wanted to ride this one! So finally everyone left and right as we were like the only ones in line it opened back up! So we got on and giggled like mad hyenas the WHOLE way through it! That ride freakin rocks! Exspecially since i thought that the ride would be a real mild ride like "Its A Small World!" But umm... no! You spin and twist and bump and all sorts of crazy stuff!!!! WARNING: ITS MADNESS IN THERE!!!! But i guess you would kinda have to expect that from a DR SUESS ride, huh? Anyway, of you have time go on it! I went on it like 3 months ago and i still smile when i think about it.... or maybe that's just because i am going back next week! WOOHOO!

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