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This park is great. It's huge with all kinds of things to do including getting soaked with squirt guns. Not to mention the slides, hidden passages and all the climbing to get to the top. You gotta do this. Fun for the whole family!

I don't really like Camp Jurassic unless it's at the summer time, then you can run around in your bathing suits and get wet and stuff.
TIP: Play tag, but make sure you don't lose everyone who you're playing with.

From the title, you probably think I got lost. But one time I couldn't find the person I was playing tag with. It's a pretty big place and you have to go see it. If you're there, then try to find a door that says The Box Room on it. Most of the doors in the playground are locked - just electrical stuff. But this door isn't. If you can find it, then go in. You'll find something really cool.(There is also a way to get to it from the top of the playground). The box room is basically this huge staircase type of thing. While going up (or down) you weave in and out of foamy box like things. It's pretty cool, although don't go in it if you're claustrophobic.

sjms innovator
I love Camp Jurassic! It's so fun! Some people in my group thought it would be boring, but when I showed up soaked, they asked me how I got so wet! So I showed them the squirt guns and they got attached to them. We had to drag Herm Baby away from it. =)

Definatley fun for the kids and some adults.

i loved is so cool.

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