The Penny Pincher's Guide to IOA

So when does the adventure begin and your pocketbook end? Islands of Adventure is many things -- daring, bold, a breathtaking marvel -- but it's certainly not cheap. Yes, it will be worth every penny yet even those on a tight budget can still make the most of their stay at the country's most technologically advanced theme park without breaking the bank.

We're going to cover some thrifty-minded tips and park discounts that can help you really stretch your vacation dollar at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure resort. Because this penny-pinching guide has grown quite a bit -- that's good new for you -- it became necessary to break this up into different sections. From discounted park admission tickets to ways to shave some serious coin off your travel and hotel plans, we've got it covered now. So just click away at any of the three pages -- and then you can always come back here when you're done. Ready? Set? Save!

Where to Stay

Cheap Tickets

Eating and Shopping

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