One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

By now you're probably assuming that just about every ride in the new park will have some basis in traditional amusement ride with a twist.

Here we go again. Picture Disney's Dumbo attraction with water obstacles. What? Guests board a fish-sculpted vehicle, strap on the "For Marine Use Only" seatbelts, and take flight. That's right, flying fish! Like Dumbo you are attached to a mechanical arm which rotates along the ride's base. You have a lever in the middle to guide you up or down.

It's a gentle glide until you realize that you have to use your noggin here. Are you on red fish or blue fish? If neither, is your fish one or two joined together? Woah, who would've guessed going on a ride required thinking. During certain parts of the ride, in sync to an infectious song with lyrics that matter, water-spewing fish will hurl spurts of water towards the riders.

It's not a soaking even if you do get caught. It's a kind spray that dries off quickly. But even if you follow directions for the first two sets of instructions the third is completely random. "You never know," as the song leads on. If you want to find ride-related merchandise -- from One Fish, Two Fish t-shirts to games to tables and chairs -- check out the One Fish, Two Fish Store.

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