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The Mystic Fountain

A stone fountain with a solemn face pours refreshingly in front of the stage that houses The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad. If the only sound you hear is bubbling, gurgling sound effects, admire it. Take a picture. It is safe and dormant. If you happen to see a crowd gathering around, join in. That means that the fountain is active, and boy does it have an active imagination.

It's a fountain with a personality. The fountain will ask questions, tease guests, have sharp comebacks for those who dare to get too sassy. What can a fountain do to fight back? Beyond its sardonic stone tongue? Well, it's fountain, man. Figure it out. Water is its weaponry of choice as it can spritz particular guests at different angles and just burst its top and send water spewing in a circular perimeter.

If the right person is working the fountain, and that's usually the case, you're going to be on for a good chunk of improvisational entertainment.

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