Me Ship, The Olive

Olive Oyl is going to have a great view of her two suitors here. This is a three-level children’s playground with water obstacles, not too different from Donald Duck's boat out in the Magic Kingdom. This one is far more elaborate though. You have crawl spaces and gizmos on the first floor, including a cool net climb above swirling sharks below, and slides from the second and third floor decks. There is an elevator available and if you get off on the middle deck check out the piano. If you play the colored notes in the proper sequence an orchestra will ring out with the rest of Popeye's theme song. There is also another special feature here as the boat overlooks the Popeye & Bluto ride and this unseaworthy boat is stocked with water cannons. Yes, as wet as you are going to get on the Popeye raft ride, it could get worse if somebody from The Olive decides to aim a burst of water your way. If you have a three or four year old who didn't make the cut for the Popeye ride, find solace in bringing him or her here to fire away at those who did make the cut -- and maybe even an older sibling.

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