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McElligot's Pool

"Young man, young man, you're sort of a fool. You'll never catch fish in McElligot's Pool."

If you've ever heard those words uttered as you head into Seuss Landing and make a beeline to The Cat in the Hat ride you've zoomed past McElligot's Pool. It seems harmless enough. It's just three fish sculptures with mouths wide open, perched above a shallow pond.

But have you ever tried to feed the fish? Dig deep into your pockets and grab a penny or two. Aim them at any of the three open mouths that circle the pond's perimeter. If your aim is true, look out. A short jet spray of water comes shooting right back at you. Spitting fish? Hey. Even Dr. Seuss could have told you that you would never catch them!

A little bit of background here is probably in order. That voice you're hearing? It's the farmer in the book. He ridicules a young boy for fishing in McElligot's Pool. However, our young hero perseveres, dreaming up many fishy concoctions that may very well arise from the waters of the shallow puddle of a pool. The moral of the story? Don't stop believing. Daydreams come true.

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