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The Lorax

This was actually the first Dr. Seuss book that I ever owned, so my apologies if I figured that Dr. Seuss was more of an environmentalist than an acclaimed author of kid books. If you don't know the Lorax's story, it's a thinly-veiled attack at the world's deforestation efforts. As the colorful Truffula trees get chopped down, nearing extinction, the small Lorax pleas their case "because trees have no tongues."

Then again, no matter where your political beliefs may lie, the moral of The Lorax is one that can be universally appreciated. It is that you - yes, you - have the power to impact change. Most of the Seuss stories end in finite and pleasant resolutions but The Lorax's finale - a simple stone reading "Unless" - is a deeper inflection that you will have the chance to play a part in what becomes of your world. The narrator of the story does happen to have a Truffula seed, so all hope may not be lost. Still, it's a Seuss classic.

That's why it's odd that this tiny exhibit should be tucked away from most parkgoers. It is between Caro-Seuss-el and Circus McGurkus and it's just a simple walkthrough, but it's definitely part of the elaborate Islands of Adventure touring experience.

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