Island Skipper Tours

There are modes of transportation. There are modes of entertainment. The first is one bred on convenience. Island Skipper Tours is NOT a mode of practical transportation. Even the most casual of walkers will outpace the cool offbeat fleet to the farthest reach of the park. Perhaps that is why this attraction -- originally known as Island Skipper Cruises -- has been closed more often than not. It may be a seasonal closure or maybe Boatney, Tropical Trader and Samplane have made their last trek! The fact that the Jurassic Park dock is actually a winding pathway away from the heart of Jurassic Park itself only adds to the inconvenience.

However, it's a scenic path through the very Inland Sea that provides a great view of the encircling islands. The skippers are also chock full of interesting park trivia. It's not a round trip excursion. You either start at the far end of Port of Entry or at the mouth of Jurassic Park -- beside the picturesque back entrance to Visitors Center. Though, as long as you're not on the last leg of the day, you are welcome to go full circle. When to ride? Don't waste crucial morning time when it can be spent on rides where the rides will build much later in the day. This is an ideal afternoon sojourn as long as you realize that neither port has a covered waiting area.

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