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Jurassic Park Discovery Center Museum

As you enter Islands of Adventure and make your way through the Port of Entry, the sight of thatched Jurassic Park Discovery Center across the water is breathtaking. It really is the visual centerpiece of the park. But what happens when you get to Jurassic Park? You go on the River Adventure. Perhaps you play around in Camp Jurassic. Do you actually decide to enter that huge building whose backside took your breath away? No. You don't. You think it's just a burger joint and a museum store and you keep moving.

Big -- and we're talking Jurassic big -- mistake! What you see from there is actually only the second floor of the building. Go in. Take the elevator (or the winding stairs) down and you will be immersed in an elaborate museum of natural history. The exhibits include the "You Bet Jurassic" trivia game where three contestants compete against each other to some cool exhibits where you can move a giant dino around, digitally survey the walls for fossils and even transform your face into a prehistoric dinosaur.

That's all nice and cool but the real fireworks take place behind the glass. Every so often, an attendant in a lab robe will tend to velociraptor eggs that are on display. Hey! One of them is about to hatch. Okay, so anyone over five knows that the baby raptor is fake. It doesn't matter. It's a neat touch taking place in an air-conditioned cool escape from the hustle and bustle outside.

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