Discovery Center

As breathtaking an icon as a movie buff will find, few sights will compare to your first peek at Jurassic Park's Discovery Center. At the end of Port of Entry, while Hulk roars to your left and a Seussian explosion of color looms to your right staring across the Islands of Adventure lagoon you will see a familiar thatched-roof top museum.

An exact replica of Dr. Hammond's Visitor Center the two-level building showcases an array of interactive diversions. Watch a Velociraptor egg hatch -- and name him or her. Take on your fellow parkgoers in the amusing "You Bet Jurassic" game show. Morph your face into that of a dinosaur with the help of Mr. DNA. The museum quality exhibits will educate and entertain, and, oh yeah, keep you in air-conditioned comfort when the Florida sun is at its baking worst.

If you're hungry you can grab some fast food at the Burger Digs on the top floor -- which is the actual entrance from the Jurassic Park side. The Island Skipper boats drop you off by the more elaborate ground floor entryway.  

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