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Circus McGurkus Circus Stupendous

You can't miss the big tent in Seuss Landing. It's a circus! Then again, because it's also a restaurant, it's easy to see why folks who aren't hungry - or looking to dine elsewhere - just pass on by.

Big mistake. Inside you will see a cheerful assortment of mechanical Seuss characters twirling above your head. Yes, it is a circus. The push tray cafeteria itself has been transformed over the years (at one time it experimented with a buffet plan - the dipping dots and ice cream kiosk to the side hasn't always been there) but the atmosphere has always remained the same jovial self. There even used to be a Green Eggs & Ham show staged with live actors in there once.

Still, if you need a nice, colorful place to relax indoors there are always plenty of tables and booths (themed to appear as carnival boxcars) to pass the time. It's also a great meeting spot during the day if your party decides to split up as it's central and there are plenty of diversions to pass the time while inside.

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